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Youth, Teacher and Parent Programs

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Youth, Teacher and Parent Programs

Great Life Choices for Teens Who Want to Make a Difference

“Great Life Choices for Teens (Who Want to Make a Difference) is a self-esteem
and skill and character building guide dedicated to teens and preteens to
help to motivate them to achieve their goals, anticipate and prepare them
for life challenges and master potentially dangerous situations. This workshop
will also help youth cope with the unique stressors and changes they face
as young people. In addition, important aspects of development into an effective
leader are explored.

Train the Trainer – a workshop featuring “Great Life Choices for Teens Who
Want to Make a Difference” Instructor’s Guide.

Seven Strategies for Enhancing Self-Esteem in Your Children

In this highly interactive session, parents will learn seven strategies that
will help build their child’s self-esteem and confidence to increase their
school performance. Parents will learn how to listen better and how to help
their children set goals and utilize affirmations to build their self-concept.

Preparing Teenagers for High-Risk Situations

Knowing what to do now will make it easier to know what to do when you have
a crisis. Teenagers must prepare NOW for high-risk situations that can occur
during high school. At the time of high-risk or crisis, it is often too
late for a teenager to develop a way to respond appropriately. This lack
of preparation can result in poor judgment and may put the teenager’s career
plans in jeopardy.

Becoming the Greatest Parent You Can Be

Enjoy excellence as parents. Participants will learn how to be a better role
model for their children, gain useful strategies to build better relationships
with their children, The L.A.D.D.E.R. model to become a better listener, how
to become a masterful asker rather than a typical teller and how to help build
your child’s confidence to increase school performance.

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